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The film film advertising film has been widened 36

Lengbiao film is a film, this film has two sides (front and rear), front with a variety of mechanisms (cloth, beads, smooth lines, dumb face, skin......) The effect, on the back, is a product composed of viscose attached to the paper.
Cold mounting film is often used to protect electronic products, such as display screen, photo, calligraphy and painting, outdoor poster, advertising type, and so on.
Cold laminating film when in use, the membrane following release paper products on the tear, the need to protect the site, then, while posting, while trying to wipe, by vacuum pressure mounted or general pressure, the film and the items in the air away, because the bottom surface of the membrane and the membrane with adhesive, firmly in objects to protect the site.
Cold laminating film material is the use of PET, PVC, PEI, PE, BOPP, PP, LCP these materials produced by the membrane mounted to objects with high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and anti ultraviolet long often new, never fade, the same yellow, because there are various mechanism of grain that makes more strong sense of three-dimensional, produce unexpected results.

Thank the customer for our support as in the past, because before the white packaging is easy to damage, convenient transportation and logistics, environmental protection policies on the country, the company decided to use environmentally friendly dirty yellow kraft paper, I hope that customers know, product quality and packaging the same.


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