Skin striate membrane2804H

  • Xiang Bao 2804 skin stripe
  • Xiang Bao 2804 skin stripe
  • Xiang Bao 2804 skin stripe
Xiang Bao 2804 skin stripeXiang Bao 2804 skin stripeXiang Bao 2804 skin stripe

Xiang Bao 2804 skin stripe

  • Skin striate membrane
  • 2804
  • Film film
  • Electronic notebook patch
  • Product description: Production wholesale phase treasure 2804 skin mask film film electronic film

Model 2804 cold mounting film, also known as dermatoglyphic membrane, is a kind of membrane with groove-like fine lines on the surface, and the lines are similar to the feeling of tree cortex. This film is often used on the surface of photographs, pictures and other books and periodicals, playing a protective role, especially in the cover of books and periodicals with more *** so as to improve the cover grade and excellent texture. After the film, the mechanism of the dermatoglyph can be clearly seen from different angles. It gives people a feeling of dermis when touched, which is very comfortable.

Fabric: 8C
Base material: 180 grams
Specifications: 25 "x31Y/34Y, 50" x31Y/34Y, which can be made according to the specifications required by customers.
Y is "code". The length standard unit of this factory is 1 yards =0.9144 meters 31Y =31.076M.

Solemnly declare: 1 yards are less than one meter. When you purchase, please leave the specification of the accident packing box "Y" or "M".

A variety of protective films can be made according to different requirements, specifications and combinations of guests. The price is negotiable and the quantity is excellent.

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